Back to black

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

ani hardy feather 014

My sofa is a creamy shade, well, technically ‘off white’…

My dog is of a darker hue, with fur as black as night.

The sofa is a comfy place, the dog is installed there…

So every day the vac’ comes out to clean up all the hair.


I tried to put a cover on, a blanket that was mine,

It too is black as night, you see, and hides the dog hair fine.

But no, she only digs it up and shakes it with her teeth,

Then kicks the sofa cushions off and burrows underneath.


And now the warmer days have come so in the balmy air

As spring moult has begun there are now clouds of midnight hair.

The carpet should be brown, but sports a film of silky black

That’s sending me off scurrying to get the ruddy vac’.


I hoover, dust and polish, just…

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