Viv Drewa - The Owl Lady

 12794501_683913841712277_4712726695024791393_n  How and/or why I chose to write:

For years all I read were non-fiction books about war heroes, famous battles, and why the battles took place. It began when I was about ten. When we went to the mall–I found my way to the bookstores, and would remain there for hours. Bantam War Books were my favorite reads. 2) how I chose my genre: The first fiction I took the time to read when it first came out was John Grisham’s Street Lawyer. A story about a hidden-from-life, privileged-lawyer yuppie who witnesses a homeless man commit suicide. The lawyer then gives his time to administer free legal advice to the homeless to help them. Great Five-star book. From there, I began writing here and there. Finally, several years ago I took it serous–and still do. 3) brief bio: I was born and raised in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, am 49 years-old…

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