Thursday – A Little Personal – Guest Appearance by Lisa Burton for The Playground by C.S. Boyack #RRBC

Fiction Favorites


I am very pleased that Lisa Burton the Robot assistant has stopped by Fiction Favorites on behalf of her boss C. S. Boyack author of The Playground to discuss his new release which can be preordered now for delivery on April 4th. Here is the link


“So Lisa it is so good to see you again.”

“Thanks for inviting me over, John. As you know, Craig has a new novel out, and part of my job is to promote it. I also brought you a poster that has a bit of popularity going for it, but this one was pure accident.”

 “How’s that, Lisa?”

 “Craig likes to include animals in his stories. He hasn’t done this every time, but this story has a dog in it. A bad dog, I might add.”

 “Pets can add…. What’s so special about this dog?”

 “This dog takes up with a…

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