Criminal encounters: thrillers, killers and conundra

Check out ‘Murder and More’ listing along with the other great mystery reads


Need something new to read? Here’s 20 or more psychological thrillers, global conspiracies, murder mysteries, Scandi crime, police procedurals, neo noir, private detectives, military sedition, ruthless gangsters, corrupt lawmen, cosy crime and historical whodunnits, which feature stealing, lying, cheating, kidnapping, spying, stalking and the odd dead body or ten. Just the job for a Bank Holiday book binge…

Beautiful LosersBEAUTIFUL LOSERS by Eve Seymour. A clinical psychologist, Kim, has many admirers but only one who wants her dead. Someone’s stalking her and a disfigured former model, Kyle, fits the bill. But Kyle has a plausible explanation for every twisted move he makes. Are the scars they share more than skin deep? Or is her enemy closer to home? A darkly disturbing exploration of paranoia and self-obsession, out on 1st April. Full review coming soon.

StockholmSTOCKHOLM NOIR from Akashic. A collection of brand new stories from some of Sweden’s best…

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