When surgeons kill…

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A nice man… jovial, friendly… he even made the inevitable joke about my lack of inches. His dog likes him… You get the impression he is the kind of guy who would help anyone. He’s still a murderer though. His victims are given no warning. They cannot run. Mute, they do not scream until the blade bites deep.

Perhaps I should think of him as a mercenary… paid to butcher on behalf of others. Does that make it any better? Somehow, I think it makes it worse. He makes no moral choices about the carnage. Those are left up to others. He’s just earning a living. He simply does the job, taking out the inconvenient, the ailing and the antisocial.

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I can understand the cull of the sick, the ones whose lives endanger others. There are times when sentiment must be overridden… though I am not sure a totalitarian approach…

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