Jeff Lee: My Guest Author who doesn’t scare easily – he’s from L.A.

Jane Risdon

Jeff Lee (Author)Jeff Lee (Author)

At the end of last year I read a book which made me laugh out loud.  I enjoyed it so much I left a review on Amazon and decided to invite the writer, Jeff Lee, to pop in here to chat about his book, his life and the city he loves; Los Angeles.

I love L.A. and so many of the locations for his story are very familiar to me, and I’ve met a few Vonda’s in my time, all of which added to the enjoyment of this rip-roaring tale. I base many of my stories in this wonderful city for the same reasons he does.

The book I enjoyed so much is ‘The Ladies Temperance Club’s Farewell Tour.’

What a fab title.

I hope you enjoy his interview and will leave your comments at the end as usual, for Jeff to read.

 Welcome Jeff, tell us…

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3 thoughts on “Jeff Lee: My Guest Author who doesn’t scare easily – he’s from L.A.

  1. Gerald – I want to thank you for re-blogging Jane Risdon’s interview with me. I love writing my Adventures in La-La Land comedy crime series. And I love the way the craziness of life — and death — in L.A. and my main character, wise-ass, not quite hard-boiled bounty hunter to the stars “Fish” Fishbein, can get people to laugh. That’s why your re-blogging of Jane’s interview with me is so gratifying. Thank you. I mean it. Thank you, Gerald.

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