hi my name Amanda Jayne. I love to read books I always got my nose in a book or my kindle . I always have enjoyed reading chick lit and women’s fiction but I do like thriller as well.i really do read any books Usually I read about 3 to 5 a week sometimes more . I will gave my honest opinion on any book I read if you would like me to review a book for you please email me ajbonsell7@hotmail.co.uk I will post my review on twitter , my Facebook page , good reads and amazon I do not get paid for my review I just enjoy reading so much . As i said befire i like most kind of books and i will review if i can please just ask me sometime I may say no as have to many to read but will try thank you for reading I am also a top reviewer on netgalley i got my badge for it now i so happy My blog so important to me i enjoy doing it so much as I said before it may not be word perfect ,spelling or wording may not be spot on but i love reading as you all know by now i am dyslexic but i never let this stop me from doing things I hope you enjoy my blog thank you for reading Amandajayne (Aj)

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